Join Us Tonight!


This week Tiffany shared a photo taken, well let's just say a few years ago, when I appeared on Aleene's Creative Living TV Show!

A very exciting Pajama Party LIVE! is planned for tonight starting at 7 pm W, 8pm M, 9pm C, 10pm ET. We have some music, surprises, gardening tips, and giggles just waiting for you to see and hear!

Invite a friend to join you or come on your own! It’s just like watching a TV show about creativity and crafting, but you can be a part of the show if you have a webcam. No webcam, no worries, watch, listen, and chat with others from around the world.

And for tonight you might want to consider what a finger, bathtub, and a collar all have in common?



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4 responses to “Join Us Tonight!

  1. Sylvia Rivera

    Love the picture!!!!

  2. oh gosh I really miss that show! I really hope viewers find old recorded shows so they can be recovered and stored digitally!! I can’t believe they were all lost in that fire. 😦

  3. marianerius

    So long ago, but remember it like yesterday. I miss the show very much too!

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