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May 12th Pajama Party

My ATC for the May Pajama Party Challenge! It holds a surprise!

May ATC Pajama Party Challenge!

Lisa our Singing Prize Lady has many talents including Pajama Party Challenge hostess! Her challenge for May is to create a stamped Artist Trading Card and you can find all the details and the May 31 deadline on the Pajama Party Fan Page Discussions Section in the May Challenge Thread.

Trash to Treasure, a little birdie pops up on my ATC!

Special Guest Tonight!

Arnold Grummer’s daughter, Kim is visiting from the great state of Wisconsin. We are headed to Miami tomorrow morning to visit a very special class of handmade papermaking students and several teachers in the area. If you have a question about papermaking, now is the time to attend the Pajama Party and get advise from an expert! Paper casting too!


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Friendship Bracelet Swap!!!!

Here’s what’s in the swap!

Maria N.

Cynthia G

Lisa F, Singing Prize Lady!

Genelle V

Karen D.

Did I miss anyone? Please let me know ASAP!

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Pajama Party April 21!

I appreciate all the feedback for what time everyone would like for the Pajama Party and am thinking of having the Pajama Party come to you in two 45 minute segments. The first would start at 9 pm EST with a 15 minute intermission and then a second segment starting at 10 pm EST with a rap of the Pajama Party at 10:45 pm EST. Of course there’s always a chance of a After the Party Party for everyone to enjoy. I’m still thinking and trying to consider my schedule so please keep the feedback and comments coming in!

Don’t forget that our April Challenge is Friendship Bracelets! Just look under DISCUSSIONS on the fan page.  I’ve started mine and I think I don’t get to pick the challenges anymore (smiling). Weaving is a bit of a challenge for me, but I love and hope everyone makes a friendship bracelet this month and shows it off on the Pajama Party Live! Fan Page.

Thank you all for showing us some green crafts last week, please feel free to bring more green crafts to the show this week. has a wonderful e-book filled with great crafts made with recycled materials that is free for the download!  Check it out! We all know that everyday should be Earth Day!

I’m planning a special Pajama Party to celebrate all the Mac users! Details later… but start firing up those Macs!

So let me know…What are you crafting today?

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April 14 Pajama Party Live!

A card I sent out to Craft It Forward!

Greetings! Have you checked out Craft It Forward on Facebook yet? Find the Fan page and explore the possibilities of reaching out to other creative people on Facebook.  Rules are simple and the deadline is Dec. 31, 2010. I’ve sent out over a dozen Craft It Forward items and really enjoyed doing it. I mainly sent cards as it was the easiest and quickest way to get involved, but check out what others are doing!

April is Friendship Bracelet Challenge time for the Inspired at Home Pajama Party gang. I hope you’ll consider making one or two, posting the photo on the Fan Page and check out what others have done. If we have enough people complete the challenge, I’ll organize it as a swap!

As always, I encourage everyone to invite friends and family to the Pajama Party every Wednesday night at 10 pm EST. And please send out invites to our Fan Page too. It might be easier to find a sponsor for the show if I had some numbers to show our audience. No pressure, but someday I’d love to find a special company that would sponsor the Pajama Party so I could do more things with and for the audience.

So how has your week gone? Mine was full of possums, laughter with a dear friend, fun posts on Facebook, and working with the great people at I hope you’ll listen to the radio show this Sunday at 7 pm EST on Blog Talk Radio!

And don’t forget Cool2Craft, every Monday at Noon, EST where you can see demonstrations and ask questions of your favorite designers and crafters.

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Easter Bonnets On Parade!

Join us tonight at 10pm EST, 9pm Central, 8pm Mountain, and 7pm Pacific for a Easter Bonnet Eggstravagansa! Our way of saying Happy Spring! Happy Easter! Happy Hoppy!

Post your Easter Bonnets on the Pajama Party Fan Page, just click HERE! Or feel free to send them to me and I’ll post them for you! Just send to

Don’t forget the deadline for the March Quilled Tag Challenge, which is March 31st!

More exciting news coming! Some special events, more challenges, maybe a swap or two…you just never know what’s going to happen at the Pajama Party!

This woman needs an Easter Bonnet!


Hope to see you at the Pajama Party!


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Pajama Party LIVE March 3! Roaring in like a Lion!

Greetings everyone! Is Spring around the corner? Lots of snow reports coming in from Pajama Party fans around the world, but here’s hoping that we’ll be seeing sunshine and flowers soon!

Tiffany Windsor will be hosting the March 3 Pajama Party as host Maria Nerius will be getting a little footwork done, the surgical kind that is, but she hopes to pop into the Pajama Party for a few laughs and giggles. Ann Butler, PJ Party Chatroom Host and CC will be in the chatroom to help with links and official Pajama Party, Inspired at Home, and Cool2Craft information.

A kit available through Quilled Creations.


Last week we had some awesome guests showing us everything from foiled jewelry to amazing quilled pieces. Maria’s credit card was on fire as she quickly placed an order with Quilled Creations for tools, paper, and more. She also posted a Quilled Tag Challenge on the Pajama Party Fan Page Discussions Board. Check out the Quilled Tag Challenge, you have a deadline of March 31 and all the basics to quilling are included on the thread.

We also have a Please Invite all Your Friends to be Fans of the Pajama Party Challenge for March. Let’s break the 2,000 fan goal! All you have to do is go to the Pajama Party Fan Page, click invite friends which is in the left hand column. We appreciate your help!

While on the Fan Page of the Pajama Party, check out the Discussions Tab and add your blog or your fan page to a thread so we can all enjoy your work!

The Singing Prize Lady Lisa has a wonderful giveaway for one lucky Pajama Party attendee. Not going to giveaway her secret, but it’s a grand giveaway!

Have you posted your Inspired At Home Handmade Play It Forward yet? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then be sure to ask Tiffany at the party!

You never know what’s going to happen at the Pajama Party! So come prepared for fun, crafts, art, sharing, and a few giggles. Don’t forget to take a nap so you can stay up for the After the Party Party, which isn’t recorded and often leads to singing, dancing, and silly hats!

Little Eddie is looking forward to spending time with everyone at the Pajama Party! But he says NO CURLERS!

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Time To Party! Feb. 24th Quill Be Great!

Lots to cover for this week’s Inspired at Home Pajama Party! So let’s get started… 

Many thanks to fan, Rita M. for inspiring me to get moving and share some quilling tonight at the Pajama Party. I have posted photos in the Pajama Party Fan Page Album, but here are some links to help you get started on quilling, a paper filigree technique. 

I love this photo from the Chica and Jo Blog


 You can read Chica and Jo here. 

 You can also find wonderful images and directions on The Origami Resources website. Take a minute to look over the shapes of quilling! 

Update: The Blumenthal Lansing Kit Giveaway. I, Maria Nerius made a terrible mistake with this giveaway. I thought anyone who signed up for a kit would get one, but that’s not what the giveaway was meant to be. Blumenthal Lansing had a kit to giveaway, just a single kit. A name was selected at random and I’ll be sending Cindy C. Thank you everyone who signed up. I am so sorry that I got this whole giveaway confused. Guess that’s why we need the Singing Prize Lady, Lisa! 

Other news: I am so happy to tell you that I will be the back page column in Crafts N Things magazine starting with the July/August issue. The new column, “Cashing In On Your Creativity” will take a realistic look at how you make earn money through all types of creativity! will be sponsoring this column and I’m excited to be working with Abby and the Crafts N Things staff! 

Don’t Forget! Tiffany Windsor will be hosting the new FaveCrafts Radio show starting March 7th at 7 pm EST. Check out this new creative radio show. Great guests! Interesting interviews! Charming regulars! And so much more!  You can also check out the for weekly giveaways and cool posts! 

If you like the Pajama Party, you’ll love Cool2Craft live webTV Monday events! Here’s more info: 

Link to Cool2Craft Facebook Fan page = 

Link to Cool2Craft Blog = 

 Link to Cool2Craft Facebook LIVE room = 

 Link to Cool2Craft webTV via the Web = 

Inspired at Home Handmade Play It Forward X 5 tutorial is now on the Pajama Party Fan Page under DISCUSSIONS 

Looking forward to some fun tonight! Please let us know if you enjoyed the show. And if there is anything you’d like to see at the Inspired at Home Pajama Party, just let me know: 

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