Pajama Party Fun Jan. 6

You just never know what’s going to happen at a Share Your Creativity Pajama Party! Jan. 6 Tiffany shared some happiness, Ann showed us her mixed media and dominos, Lisa tempted us with cupcakes and a few dominos, and Jana rounded out the party with some paper fun!

Maria did some live needle felting showing tools, roving, and more! She didn’t have time to show us how to needle felt a bead so that’s on the schedule for the Jan. 13th Pajama Party! Have you made your plans to attend and show off some of your creativity on the 13th? Let’s make 13 our lucky number and have some fun sharing!



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2 responses to “Pajama Party Fun Jan. 6

  1. love seeing the live screen prints of the show! The show is even better – so come join us if you haven’t yet!

  2. just wanted to say that I am really enjoying watching the archived episodes. Its a bit late for me to join in as I live in Liverpool, UK and it would be 2-3am! maybe I might join in the summer hols when the kids are off. Its nice to see ordinary people showing off their creativity rather than shows just plugging their products..keep up the good work (Lisa F told me about your show)

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