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Faster Plaster Pumpkin Necklace

November 18, 2009 – Inspired at Home Pajama Party! This pumpkin is made with Faster Plaster, one of the coolest products I’ve enjoyed in ages. It’s not a new product, but I’d never worked with it before because I thought it would be too messy and take too much time. I was wrong on both worries. It was fun, fast, and not messy at all!

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Pumpkin Necklace

By Maria Nerius


  • Faster Plaster
  • Measuring Cup
  • Water
  • Country mold (Sculpey)
  • Orange, green, and brown paint paint
  • Glossy Accents (Ranger)
  • Toggle finding
  • Small jewelry bail (Aanraku)
  • Bead wire
  • 4 Crimping beads
  • Crimping tool
  • Assorted beads: 6 green E beads, 40 yellow seed beads, 30 orange seed beads, 40 tan seed beads, 50 brown seed beads, 20 moss green seed beads; 2 lady bug beads
  • Ring finding
  • Paint Brush
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Mix 1/4 cup of Faster Plaster and pour into mold.  Follow packaging instructions. Remove pumpkin after dry to touch and use microwave to spend drying if desired. Make two pumpkins if you are going to make both the necklace and the ring.
  2. Paint pumpkin body orange, leaf green, and stem brown. Allow to dry and add a little shine by painting pumpkin with Glossy Accents. Adhere bail to back of pumpkin and allow glue to dry.
  3. This necklace is 13”. Cut bead wire to 20”. If you want a longer necklace, cut bead wire to your desired length plus 4-6”. Thread a crimp bead, 3 green E beads, a crimp bead, and one part of the toggle finding onto one end of the bead wire. Thread bead wire back through the crimp bead, E beads, and second crimp bead. Crimp with crimping tool. I like to double crimp for extra strength, but feel free to use a single crimp to hold your closure.
  4. String onto bead wire 5 yellow seed beads, 5 tan seed beads, 5 orange seed beads, 5 tan seed beads, 5 yellow seed beads, 5 brown seed beads, 5 moss green seed beads, 5 brown seed beads, 5 yellow, 5 tan, 5 orange, 5 tan, 5 yellow, 5 brown, a lady bug bead, 5 brown, 5 moss green, 5 orange, 10 brown, and pumpkin pendant to necklace.
  5. Reverse and repeat pattern of Step 4 starting with 5 orange seed beads.
  6. Repeat Step 3 to secure second part of toggle closure.
  7. Make a Ring!: Paint second pumpkin, allow to dry, adhere to ring finding!


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Felted Pumpkins

Inspired at Home Pajama Party
Duel Felted Pumpkins

By Maria Nerius for http://www.InspiredatHome.com

I enjoy the colors and flavors of fall especially pumpkins! I always had the very best pumpkin patch as a kid and enjoyed seeing just how big those pumpkins would get! I decided to make some miniature pumpkins this year. My friend Marilyn and I enjoy making felt balls for jewelry and I decided to take some of our tiny orange balls and create a pumpkin! I did needle felt the stems so I’m calling these my Duel Felted Pumpkins. Enjoy!

Felted Pumpkins by Maria Nerius

  • The first step is to create felt balls using the wet felting technique. Fill a large bowl with several cups of water and add a tablespoon of liquid dish soap to the water and mix. Do not use anti-bacterial soap, just plain, inexpensive liquid dish soap.
  • Gather orange roving and wrap fibers into a ball. You’ll have some shrinkage so make sure your ball of roving is slightly larger than you want your pumpkin. Hold ball of raw roving in one hand over the bowl and with the other drizzle on the soapy water. You want to wet the roving not soak it.
  • Toss the ball of felt between your hands, the tossing action helps the fibers bond. Keep drizzling the soapy water over the ball. Once the felt has some “body” to it, you can roll it in your hands; this is the final stage of wet felting. You want a firm felt ball. Rinse until you see clean water and then set aside to dry.  The felting process can take up to 5 minutes and the felt will usually dry in 12-24 hours.
  • Note: You can needle felt a ball; gathering the roving into a ball shape and then jabbing your felting needle(s) into the roving to agitate the fibers to bond, but if you want to make several of these mini pumpkins, wet felting is the easiest way.
  • Thread a long needle with coordinating thread and knot off. Holding a felt ball in one hand, bring the needle through the ball at center top to center bottom (the knot will be at the top of the pumpkin). Now bring the needle center bottom to center top and back through to center bottom. This stitch will begin to make the sections of the outside of the pumpkin. Repeat as many times as you want sections. My sample has 6 sections. Knot off.


Felted Pumpkin How to by Maria Nerius


    • Take a small amount of green roving and wrap as a small snake. Needle felt until you have a nice stem. Then place stem at center top of pumpkin and needle felt the stem to the pumpkin.
    • I made several sizes of the mini pumpkins, so experiment and have fun!
    • Felted-Pumpkins-4

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