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Announcing – The New Pajama Party Girls!

The Party Girls LogoJoin your party hosts each week for fun (and sometimes wildly fun) sharing! Each week’s Pajama Party is hosted by one of our Party Girls who gets the ball rolling (or sometimes juggles the balls) and invites you to come on webcam to share your creativity! Join in every Wednesday night at 9 pm Eastern (8 pm Central, 7 pm Mountain, 6 pm Pacific) – see new creative ideas, techniques and share your creative knowledge. It’s the coolest! Party Hosts: Tiffany Windsor, Linda Peterson, Lisa Fulmer, Heidi Borchers, Andrea Currie and Cynthia Gagen.

Just log-in at party time!  Facebook Members log-in: http://apps.facebook.com/inspiredathome   Web log-in: http://www.linqto.com/rooms/inspiredathome/participate.aspx


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Time To Party! Feb. 24th Quill Be Great!

Lots to cover for this week’s Inspired at Home Pajama Party! So let’s get started… 

Many thanks to fan, Rita M. for inspiring me to get moving and share some quilling tonight at the Pajama Party. I have posted photos in the Pajama Party Fan Page Album, but here are some links to help you get started on quilling, a paper filigree technique. 

I love this photo from the Chica and Jo Blog


 You can read Chica and Jo here. 

 You can also find wonderful images and directions on The Origami Resources website. Take a minute to look over the shapes of quilling! 

Update: The Blumenthal Lansing Kit Giveaway. I, Maria Nerius made a terrible mistake with this giveaway. I thought anyone who signed up for a kit would get one, but that’s not what the giveaway was meant to be. Blumenthal Lansing had a kit to giveaway, just a single kit. A name was selected at random and I’ll be sending Cindy C. Thank you everyone who signed up. I am so sorry that I got this whole giveaway confused. Guess that’s why we need the Singing Prize Lady, Lisa! 

Other news: I am so happy to tell you that I will be the back page column in Crafts N Things magazine starting with the July/August issue. The new column, “Cashing In On Your Creativity” will take a realistic look at how you make earn money through all types of creativity! FaveCrafts.com will be sponsoring this column and I’m excited to be working with Abby and the Crafts N Things staff! 

Don’t Forget! Tiffany Windsor will be hosting the new FaveCrafts Radio show starting March 7th at 7 pm EST. Check out this new creative radio show. Great guests! Interesting interviews! Charming regulars! And so much more!  You can also check out the FaveCraftsBlog.com for weekly giveaways and cool posts! 

If you like the Pajama Party, you’ll love Cool2Craft live webTV Monday events! Here’s more info: 

Link to Cool2Craft Facebook Fan page = http://tiny.cc/fbc2c 

Link to Cool2Craft Blog = http://www.cool2craft.com 

 Link to Cool2Craft Facebook LIVE room = http://tiny.cc/c2clive 

 Link to Cool2Craft webTV via the Web =  http://tiny.cc/c2croom 

Inspired at Home Handmade Play It Forward X 5 tutorial is now on the Pajama Party Fan Page under DISCUSSIONS 

Looking forward to some fun tonight! Please let us know if you enjoyed the show. And if there is anything you’d like to see at the Inspired at Home Pajama Party, just let me know: maria@inspiredathome.com 

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Ring Bling Fling Winner, Who Could It Be?


I hope everyone will turn up this Wednesday night for another great Inspired At Home Pajama Party LIVE! We have a little old business… a winner has been selected from the Pajama Party LIVE! Fan Page discussion thread for a Faster Plaster Ring Exchange at CHA! You’ll have to join us and find out if you might be the lucky winner! 

Small Foil Embossed Box from The Craft Ark website.

There has been a request for a demonstration of foiling and I’ll try my best to get a demo together to show everyone how to foil. You can read more about foiling on the Inspired At Home Craft Concierge Blog. 

This is the last week I’ll be taking names and e-mail addresses for the wonderful Blumenthal Lansing Pajama Party LIVE! at CHA kit. This wonderful sponsor offered to send the kit that was used by their table at the Pajama Party at the CHA show! You must send me your name and e-mail address, then Blumenthal Lansing will contact you for a mailing address. Send your info to: Maria@inspiredathome.com or send me a message on Facebook or put your info on the Discussion Thread: Blumenthal Lansing, at our Fan Page. 

Some new business! If you have trouble entering the Pajama Party on Facebook, you can now use this LINK to join us via the web.  It’s very exciting news for us and should help everyone join the party much easier! 

And finally please check out all of Tiffany’s wonderful LIVE! videos, just look under Previous Discussions on the main page.

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Pajama Party Fun Jan. 6

You just never know what’s going to happen at a Share Your Creativity Pajama Party! Jan. 6 Tiffany shared some happiness, Ann showed us her mixed media and dominos, Lisa tempted us with cupcakes and a few dominos, and Jana rounded out the party with some paper fun!

Maria did some live needle felting showing tools, roving, and more! She didn’t have time to show us how to needle felt a bead so that’s on the schedule for the Jan. 13th Pajama Party! Have you made your plans to attend and show off some of your creativity on the 13th? Let’s make 13 our lucky number and have some fun sharing!


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Good Clean Fun & Other Thoughts

I’ve been making loofah soap this week. This is a holiday tradition for me. I like to make up gift baskets of this soap, a salt or sugar rub, and lip balm. My family and friends keep asking for my little homemade goodies so I think this craft is a hit!

I use melt and pour soap because it’s faster than from scratch and you can add any scent you like plus color if desired. Soap crafting is fun and very practical, useable craft. All you need is a microwave, microwave-able measuring cup, knife and cutting board, pot holder, and your melt and pour soap!

Do you have a favorite quick and easy craft you make and give? I’d love to know what you are making as gifts! Please leave a comment!


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November 25th Pajama Party LIVE

Just in case you missed Wednesday night’s LIVE event – you can watch the archived episode – http://ow.ly/FKYK.

Click here to learn how to join our next LIVE event!


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Quick Fire Fusing

I’ve been doing hot glass crafts for the past few years. I started with making beads on a torch, then began to do some fusing and slumping of glass since I had the kilns (beads must be annealed in a kiln before using them). I made these pendants (and coordinating earrings and a ring) for a jewelry special-interest magazine last year. I wanted to share them with you. >>Maria

One lucky person who posts a comment for this blog post will win one of my pendants that was published in Jewelry Creations II! Deadline to leave a comment is Dec. 1 at midnight ET.

Quick Fire Fusing

By Bo and Mo Given

Note: Who are Bo and Mo Given? This is a byline I often use when a design of mine gets published. It’s a tribute to my dogs and I know that’s a bit silly, but as a designer and writer I enjoy using several bylines that pay homage to my family and friends!

This beginner fusing project uses a quick firing kiln for speedy glass fusing.  The abstract design makes each piece a one of a kind.


Diamond International Wasser Glass: yellow, brown, light brown, tiger’s eye, gold, butterscotch, weathered, red flash, surprise, and heavy gold



Safety glasses for glasswork

Quik-Fire kiln

Kiln shelf primed with release


Rubbing alcohol

Lint free paper towels

Pin back, earring posts, pendant bails

Optional:  Thinned white glue or fusing glue


Firing Temperatures:

Wasser glass has a COE 90
(~±5°F and are dependent upon glass color and thickness)
Softening Point :1240°F (677°C)
Tack Fuse :1285°F (696°C) Orton std. lg. cone 18 (r/r 108°F)
Full Fuse :1340°F (727°C) Orton std. lg. cone 17 (r/r 108°F)
Annealing Temperature : 940°F (482°C)
Shrinkage Initiation Point :1360°F (738°C)
Balling Formation Starts : 1450°F (788°C)
Glass Lost / Shelf Intrusion : 1550°F (843°C)

1. If you do not have a kiln, check out your local stained glass or glass working studios as they often have fusing classes or offer kiln time. If you do not have a quick firing kiln, use the firing temperatures above. When cutting glass use caution and care. You are working with hot glass so be careful and consider all surfaces hot.

2. Cut glass into thin strips in various widths and lengths.  Most strips are no more than 1/4 wide and 3” long. As you design you might want to nip strips shorter. Remember that edges of cut glass can be very sharp.  Handle glass carefully.

3. Work on a clean surface and once cut clean all glass pieces with rubbing alcohol.  It’s important that the glass be oil and lint free when fired (heated).  Once happy with design, place glass onto kiln shelf that has been prepared with release (following manufacturer’s instructions for applying release).  It’s also important that glass be completely dry before setting on the kiln shelf or fusing (firing).

4. As you design your pieces make sure you include some small sets that can be turned into earrings.  You may want to leave some openings to turn the piece into a pendant or leave a place where a pendant bail can be glued.  As I made my pieces, I was thinking pins so I made sure there was a space that a pin back could be adhered. I do not use any type of adhesive as I design abstract pieces.  If a piece of glass moves as fired I consider it part of the abstract look, however, you can apply a watered down white glue or fusing glue to the back of glass to avoid glass moving.  Remember that glue must dry completely before you fire your piece(s).  Any moisture when firing may cause the glass to crack.

5. Place shelf into kiln, close kiln, and turn on. The quick firing kiln will get to full fusing temperature (Wasser 1340 degrees F) within five minutes so it’s important that you never leave a kiln unsupervised.  As the temperature rises to full fuse, put on your safety glasses and check glass. Never look into a kiln or torch without safety glasses designed for hot glasswork. If fused (fully melted together), turn off kiln and keep open until temperature is around 1200 degrees F.  You may have to vent several times to keep temperature below full fuse.  Allow kiln to cool completely.  Allow glass to cool completely. Your glass should be annealed (kept at a temperature for 20+ minutes so the glass is at its strongest, least likely to break or crack) if you didn’t open the kiln after you brought the temperature down to 1200 degrees F. If working in a studio, staff will most likely compute a sequence for the kiln.

6. Once completely cooled clean pieces with rubbing alcohol. Add pin back, earring posts, or pendant bails as you prefer.

Fusing is a great way to use small pieces of glass and a wonderful way to design pins, pendants, and other jewelry components for unique and personalized jewelry. Find a stained glass or glass studio in your local area for fusing classes.

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