Pajama Party April 21!

I appreciate all the feedback for what time everyone would like for the Pajama Party and am thinking of having the Pajama Party come to you in two 45 minute segments. The first would start at 9 pm EST with a 15 minute intermission and then a second segment starting at 10 pm EST with a rap of the Pajama Party at 10:45 pm EST. Of course there’s always a chance of a After the Party Party for everyone to enjoy. I’m still thinking and trying to consider my schedule so please keep the feedback and comments coming in!

Don’t forget that our April Challenge is Friendship Bracelets! Just look under DISCUSSIONS on the fan page.  I’ve started mine and I think I don’t get to pick the challenges anymore (smiling). Weaving is a bit of a challenge for me, but I love and hope everyone makes a friendship bracelet this month and shows it off on the Pajama Party Live! Fan Page.

Thank you all for showing us some green crafts last week, please feel free to bring more green crafts to the show this week. has a wonderful e-book filled with great crafts made with recycled materials that is free for the download!  Check it out! We all know that everyday should be Earth Day!

I’m planning a special Pajama Party to celebrate all the Mac users! Details later… but start firing up those Macs!

So let me know…What are you crafting today?


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