April 14 Pajama Party Live!

A card I sent out to Craft It Forward!

Greetings! Have you checked out Craft It Forward on Facebook yet? Find the Fan page and explore the possibilities of reaching out to other creative people on Facebook.  Rules are simple and the deadline is Dec. 31, 2010. I’ve sent out over a dozen Craft It Forward items and really enjoyed doing it. I mainly sent cards as it was the easiest and quickest way to get involved, but check out what others are doing!

April is Friendship Bracelet Challenge time for the Inspired at Home Pajama Party gang. I hope you’ll consider making one or two, posting the photo on the Fan Page and check out what others have done. If we have enough people complete the challenge, I’ll organize it as a swap!

As always, I encourage everyone to invite friends and family to the Pajama Party every Wednesday night at 10 pm EST. And please send out invites to our Fan Page too. It might be easier to find a sponsor for the show if I had some numbers to show our audience. No pressure, but someday I’d love to find a special company that would sponsor the Pajama Party so I could do more things with and for the audience.

So how has your week gone? Mine was full of possums, laughter with a dear friend, fun posts on Facebook, and working with the great people at FaveCrafts.com. I hope you’ll listen to the radio show this Sunday at 7 pm EST on Blog Talk Radio!

And don’t forget Cool2Craft, every Monday at Noon, EST where you can see demonstrations and ask questions of your favorite designers and crafters.


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