Pajama Party LIVE March 3! Roaring in like a Lion!

Greetings everyone! Is Spring around the corner? Lots of snow reports coming in from Pajama Party fans around the world, but here’s hoping that we’ll be seeing sunshine and flowers soon!

Tiffany Windsor will be hosting the March 3 Pajama Party as host Maria Nerius will be getting a little footwork done, the surgical kind that is, but she hopes to pop into the Pajama Party for a few laughs and giggles. Ann Butler, PJ Party Chatroom Host and CC will be in the chatroom to help with links and official Pajama Party, Inspired at Home, and Cool2Craft information.

A kit available through Quilled Creations.


Last week we had some awesome guests showing us everything from foiled jewelry to amazing quilled pieces. Maria’s credit card was on fire as she quickly placed an order with Quilled Creations for tools, paper, and more. She also posted a Quilled Tag Challenge on the Pajama Party Fan Page Discussions Board. Check out the Quilled Tag Challenge, you have a deadline of March 31 and all the basics to quilling are included on the thread.

We also have a Please Invite all Your Friends to be Fans of the Pajama Party Challenge for March. Let’s break the 2,000 fan goal! All you have to do is go to the Pajama Party Fan Page, click invite friends which is in the left hand column. We appreciate your help!

While on the Fan Page of the Pajama Party, check out the Discussions Tab and add your blog or your fan page to a thread so we can all enjoy your work!

The Singing Prize Lady Lisa has a wonderful giveaway for one lucky Pajama Party attendee. Not going to giveaway her secret, but it’s a grand giveaway!

Have you posted your Inspired At Home Handmade Play It Forward yet? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then be sure to ask Tiffany at the party!

You never know what’s going to happen at the Pajama Party! So come prepared for fun, crafts, art, sharing, and a few giggles. Don’t forget to take a nap so you can stay up for the After the Party Party, which isn’t recorded and often leads to singing, dancing, and silly hats!

Little Eddie is looking forward to spending time with everyone at the Pajama Party! But he says NO CURLERS!


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