Pajama Party LIVE

Join special guest hosts every Wednesday at 9 pm ET on Pajama Party LIVE on Facebook! Come join us to share your creativity! Join in the live chat or share your creative projects live on webcam or sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Hope you can join in the creative fun this Wednesday night (9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central, 7 pm Mountain, 6 pm Pacific). For more details – check out our website details!

Or if you are ready to download the app on Facebook – click here!

If you are not a member of Facebook – click this link to join in the Party!



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12 responses to “Pajama Party LIVE

  1. Susan Holloway

    Hey Maria,
    Just got off from the first pajama party. Was great. Hopefully I’ll get my courage up to share next week

    • marianerius

      No courage needed! Just wear some hair curlers… works for me every time! Glad you enjoyed the party, see you next time (maybe with some curlers on?)!

  2. This was my first pajama party, I had a ball! thanks for inviting me, Tiffany…I am going to try out this webcam and have something to share for next week.

    • marianerius

      Never had a webcam before we started the Pajama Party and now I’m so glad I have one! It’s worth it to share and let others “see” what we are doing live! What a hoot!

  3. Great! We are looking forward to your sharing next week! As you can see, we need lots more people to step up and share on camera 🙂

  4. Really enjoyed my first pajama party. I learned so many interesting things and everyone was so warm and welcoming. Happy Birthday to Maria!

  5. Sarahwww

    Appreciate having an easy link to get to the PJ party, I got lost on my way there!

  6. I keep checking here for new info each week 🙂

  7. Bev Mossman

    Hi Everyone I think I am at the right place the blog on word press?

    So I though I would start posting here and get some conversations going and some sharing.

    I can not begin to thank you Maria and Tiffany for all you do for myself and others. You bless my life so much Sharing and learning and laughing and having fun with you all and all that are apart of Inspired at home is awesome

    I want to help also in any way that I may be able to so please let me know ok and hopefully i will be able to help.

    I also look forward to sharing here also and having an making forever friends.

    I am getting ready to start to join the polymer clay world
    My Dear hubby Dana got me the clay pasta machine for Christmas I also have some clay to start working with. I am so excited an look forward to my first project it will be a sitting gingerbread man not my idea but I will share were I got it from and the steps etc. I have so many things I want to learn and also help others learn and do and finsh so maybe we can encourage each other that would be wonderful

    Anyway I will close for now.

    Hoping I am writing in the right place

    Hugs Love and Prayers to you and all Bev

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